History is better than a Movie(sometimes) (UPDATED 2.0) 12/10/15

As some of you may know i’m a History Fanatic, I like how everything around us has a History like how the US got its independence, up to how we traveled to the moon and back. The reason why I love history is because the major events from the past played a big role on how we live today, everything we do will play a role in the future, Being a history Fanatic is not just about a nerdy guy reading about history or watching documentaries, Its about enjoying what people fought for or worked for, That’s why I love history because its like an amazing book, one that you read about and create a visual interpretation on how it all went down, Imagery( Got it from English class), Amazing I know. History might sound boring or not really interesting, I know but once you get to really really understand the concept of it you become fascinated about everything and yes its fun learning about history, one good reason why I read the news every morning or every time I get bored, But sometimes one cant exceed the other. TV shows, we all know what that is, that’s the one thing that will mostly Mostly exceed history for me,( except anime, too unrealistic, sorry). So tell me what is your favorite TV show, movie or event from the past? and if you cant decide leave everything that you like down in the comments below. #Mars One 2027

(Words 247)


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