Who Knew

So I recently got a new game Called Halo 5 Guardians some of you may know which game that is, it was decent, but here’s what confused me, got me mad, or just plain out made me feel disappointed in 343 Industries the developers of Halo. ( There are some spoilers so WATCH OUT!)

  1. The Graphics: Yes The graphics, They are not what they used to be, sometimes you may see a character whose face looks too… animated you may say, for Example: Dr.Halsey’s face looks way different than in Halo 4 it looks too bright as for the movement of the characters it looks like a movie with a very low budget, you know it just looks animated.
  2. The Mission Map: The map is way way Way!!! different its just so different, just look between halo 4 and 5 there is a big difference.
  3. The Story: I still haven’t finished the game so I don’t know if it shows us what happens but…(Spoiler Alert!!!) It doesn’t gives an explanation as to how The Master Chief got back with his team or who the hell is Spartan Lock, he just appeared out of nowhere
  4. The Intro: As you begin the game you are in a pelican and you attack this place looking for Dr. Halsey( Good News no one dies and the mission goes perfectly), But after your done talking with her and blah blah blah  Halo 5 appears(the Logo/text) and music appears is as if you are watching a movie or TV show, The Halo Franchise has never done That And is So So bad, its just like “I know you want the game to compete and look better than other games But Why!” its just not the type of thing The Halo Franchise would ever do!, We Miss You Bungie!!!

The game is amazing, although, I get confused once in a while, its amazing and sad too because of some stuff that happens in the game which i’m not going to say because it would ruin your experiences playing the game. Thanks for reading.

Now tell me Whats your favorite science fiction movie, video game, or book?



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