Episode One: The Beginning

“What the Heck Dude!”said Xavier Bursting thru the Door

“Hello there, didnt know you were excited” Said Luke calmly to Xavier

“I told you not to waste money!!!,Your dad let you get all the money so that you could have a better life, Ughhrrr I knew this was a bad Idea you are the 6 richest person In the world and you are living in this junk!, I barely have money to waste and I live in a better place than you, and seriously and island c’mon man!” Said Xavier to Luke

“Hey this Junk is my apartment, im planning a project and besides no one knows im rich”

“Rich?” said someone peeking from the door “Hi my name is Javier your neighbor and I would be gladly to help you in anyway possible”Javier said walking towards Luke

“No get out of here, crap see now he knows, your moving out tonight” said Xavier serious

“Aint happening, you there Javior javiar java whatever your name was, want a good paying job, get him out, im done with you this is my apartment and I aint taking no more of your non-sense” said Luke with a “Im a Boss” Face

” Sure, c’mon get out” Said Javier pushing Xavier out of the room

“Fine you know what dont call me again for help because were done!!!” Said Xavier yelling and running of

“Ahh Crap go get him and bring him back, Hurry!!!” Said Luke to Javier

“Sure will” Javier said running off after Xavier, Luke decided he to should follow

As Jagl was a following Xavier, Xavier decided that the best way possible to lose Jagl was by going into a street were the ligh was going to turn green and cars would block Jagl from ever coming close, Jagl didnt see the cars coming since he had his eyes on Xavier.

“Holy Crap” Said Javier

Boom!!! a car had Just hit Javier

“Javier you ok?” Said  Luke

“This job better have given me Insurance” Said Javier passing out

” Insurance Huh, right… Wait!!! oh uhmmm ok umhhh Got it!! Hey you stranger want a good paying job help me drag him to my house” Said Luke Excited

And thats were it all began…

To be Continued… On Episode 2: Hell Nah!

(Next one comes out Jan. 22, 2016)

383 Words


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