The South China Sea Confilct

Starting close to then end of 2015 China started claiming land to expand destroying already complicated relationships between Beijing and DC and many other countries around them, This whole conflict is based around the South China Sea, over $5 trillion that’s with a T moves thru the South China Sea each year, no wonder why someone would try to control it but here’s the problem a country can only have 12 nautical miles from their shore the rest is open ocean, No Country can claim more than that other wise well problems begin to rise, China is a greedy country much like North Korea you see here’s why, they think that because something has their name on it or their ancestors traveled to a certain place that its theirs, I know a lot of people do this like some guys who sued Nasa for landing a rocket on the moon because thousands of years back their ancestors flew to the moon and it was theirs, they did not win, but getting this from a country so powerful like China its like your parents asking for you to cut your finger because it has their DNA all over it and if you dont they will chop you hand off, I know messed up but its the best I can come up with, and heres where stuff gets crazy as a way to increase the nautical miles China has started to build Artificial islands,only thing they did not listen to rules you see artificial island are not considered like part of a country they do not increase the miles from your border, at least I think thats how the rules play out ,and back to the islands, not just any ordinary island, Military yuup military you know the ones with airports and ports and guns and jets and the other problem is…. they are super super close to the Philippines islands and other countries giving the Chinese a strategic point in case of a war, but dont worry china says its for traveling and for public use much like a cruise ship or a town, so the United States of America decided that what way to hurt the chinese peoples feelings than to poke the panda, so… yeah now everything is getting out of hand and to show that neighboring countries are super mad and scared for their independence Vietnam is actually quite happy the US is there, you know a recently US enemy, I personally think that this conflict will escalate, I think it is some sort of strategy from the Chinese government because they think that no country would go so far as to declare war on them. What do you think, I know this whole thing was a bit sloppy and out of nowhere but I want your guys opinion, Do you think China will keep expanding or will they stop?and if a war erupts who will win China-Russia-North Korea or The US-Nato and other US allies?


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