Reflection:Today’s Work 12/01/2016

So today I worked on the same thing I’ve been working at,  “Determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are…”, i’m just learning what words to use in a paragraph and determining what the definition of a word is.

I also did some problems, one of the page had 3 problems and it was about melting steel and seeing it was hard work. It was really easy I didn’t really have any hard questions overall except for confusing years flying by for years disappearing, they really sound alike, i cant go back to the question to get the exact word.


I still don’t know exactly what I should do for my project, Origami? nah! , Maybe? something else involving two pieces  of paper, talk about my something i read/watch including those two papers. Talk about the thing i read/watch and illustrate it using the origami(like making a plane if the movie was about a plane or trees with people next to them or castles like with the book Macbeth) IDK (THIS IS JUST ME THINKING)


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