Today… today i worked again on Pythagorean theorem world problems because i haven’t really gotten the hang of it, today I worked on a problem that asked me to see which person would reach a particular place, there were three sides forming a triangle, it was abc, A then C on top of B, so A to C was 97 miles, then it was A to B which was 65 miles, for me to get a number that I can work with it had to multiply those numbers by themselves, so 65×65=4225 then i multiplied 97×97=9409, then i subtracted them because i wasn’t looking for a hypotenuse but a leg, then i got 5187, then i square rooted to get 72, and that was my answer, then it asked how long it would take the fastest driver to get to one city from another, i guessed three and I WAS CORRECT!  🙂


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