Reflections:Pythagorean theorem word problems

So for this problem i needed to find the hypotenuse. There are three cities, P is West of M, and W is north of M. The distance between P and M is 36, and the distance between M and W 77. Bert and Tre leave at the same time, Bert leaves from P directly to W at 20 mph and Tre from P to W thru M at 30 miles per hour. The first thing needed to do is square root the distances, 36^2+77^2= X, so you then get 1246+5429=X, you then add them and get 7225, square root to then get 85, that’s the distance between P and W, what you then need to do is divide the distance by the mph the person is travelling, so, 85/20, you get 4.5h, that’s how long it would take Bert to travel from P to W, then you do the something similar with Tre, add both the distance from P to M and from M to W, add them, you get 113, now divide how long it would it would take him to get there, so, 113/30mph=3.7666, now you need to check how much longer it would take the other person to get there, so, 4.5-3.766=0.483, now round to the nearest ten, so you get, 0.5 and that’s the answer, Tre would be the fastest and would beat Bert by .5m


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