Reflection: Pythagorean Theorem

Today learned more stuff about the Pythagorean Theorem, A^2+B^2=C^2, so Pythagorean Theorem is like the easiest thing in, its basically this plus this plus this equals this even if it “doesn’t” look like it that’s why you need to square root like for example 8^2+7^2=C^2, so you need to square root, just basically multiply a number by itself if it has the ^2, so its 64+49= C^2, now you just add them up and you get C so now it would be 64+49=113 now you just square root so √(113) and you get 10.6, and that’s how you get the hypotenuse, it is a bit different finding a leg but you just basically follow the same rules, instead of adding you’re subtracting.

Also I’m working on the Project for PBL its about two wizards? talking about The Pythagorean Theorem, i’m using my skills to explain how to do a Pythagorean Problem.



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