Today I worked on the same thing, Systems of Linear Equations: This is my problem

  • 3x+8y=15
  • 2x8y=10

I had to start by removing the ones that needed to go, I made it all into one equation:


Now you divide, and the 8 was removed because it had a negative and a positive:

  • 5 x = 25
  • 5    = 5

So now youre left with X=5 and that is the first answer, Now substitute X for 5




Now  move the 15 to the other side, so subtract it by itself:

  •   15+8y=15
  • -15       -15

Now you’re left with  8y=0, so your answer should be Y=0

And thats what I did today,

For the Derby Racing thing I need to make an equation from linear equations to start building and I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA HOW TO MAKE AN EQUATION OUT OF THAT! 😦 , like, what do I do?




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