Episode 4: Ready to watch Tv

“——-System Malfunction System System Malfunction System System Malfunction System System Malfunction System System Malfunction System Malfunction System —————Malfuctioonnnnnnnn chhrhrhrhehchsshhhshh! Deactivating Systems, System Reboot—-1 Week Later—-Welcome Back sir” A female robotic voice you could hear

“…” Lucas stood there still trying figure out what was happening

“Do you want something Sir” The Female voice said again

“Who are you?” Lucas said confused and disoriented

” My name is Caitlyn your personal AI” Caitlyn Said

“You?, I thought you were broken or didnt work” Lucas said to Caitlyn

“Well my data took time to download into the system, it wasnt until now that I came across your file ”Caitlyn Said

“Well then thank you for unfreezing me……. can you upload all the episodes of the tv shows in my favorite list into the tv ive been waiting so long” Lucas said

“Sure Will sir”Caitlyn said

143 Words


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