Episode 5: Ohhh My

As the time shortened for those last episodes the excitement in Lucas face faded away, realizing the episodes were two much for just two years and the amount of dust in the place he decided to call Xavier, with no success he decided to ask Caitlyn (his AI) about what had happened in the last 2 years.

“Hey umhh Caitlyn, can you tell me about what happened in the last two years” Lucas said

“Nothing interesting sir, our robots got intel that the resistance gained control of the US capitol but that was 5 years ago, its been relatively quite” Caitlyn said

“What do you mean resistance I’ve been frozen just two years and nothing cool like that has ever happened in the last 5 years ago” Lucas said

“Umh no sir you’ve been frozen for quite while, 150 years to be exact, it wasn’t until I got downloaded into the system, gained control and looked over all the files that I saw you requested to be  unfrozen this exact date” Caitlyn said

“Ohhh my, yeah that was a test, but I requested Jagl to unfreeze 148 years ago!, Were is that-” Lucas said being interrupted

“Oh crap” Jagl said

“You… I’m Gonna Kill You!!!” Lucas said pointing to Jagl in a mad voice

“No no no no no no this cant be happening” Jagl said

” Oh well it is and you better get rolling before I kick your butt you piece of junk” Lucas said

“You constructed me and put me in here” Jagl said

” Ahhhhhh! your dead” Lucas said chasing after Jagl

” Would you stop, you’re gonna get hurt” Jagl said

” Fine! But you better start talking”

“You see I really got caught up in all the stuff you asked me to do and also… I might have gotten so mad at you that I sort of forgot what you asked me to do” Jagl said trying to make everything sound like its fine

“Where is Xavier?, tell me he is not dead plz” Lucas said

“Ohh absolutely not he is in a memory chip just like the one I download for my self every twenty minutes in case something happens to me” Jagl said

“Good do not upload him to any robot only if I die or if I ask you too, ok?” Lucas said

“Ok” Jagl said

“Ok Caitlyn tell me what happened in the last 150 years” Lucas said

“Ok sir, 120 years back an outbreak broke out in the province of Guangdong, China the largest province by population, the disease which is still very hard to study ripped through countries, China and India the first ones to fall, in less than a year the human population plummeted from 10 Billion to 1 billion, the US moved its government to Cuba and the other Caribbean islands and the EU to Australia  in hope of riding it out, away from the infected population, those island is where the last governments still stand but its been rough for them, we have been monitoring them since they moved. After 25 years every person, us to be the first, encountered why it was so hard to get a vaccine, we found that the disease had been converted to be used as a weapon by extraterrestrial beings, most are calling them Harpies for their resemblance to humans and flies, they are pretty ugly, they invaded the planet and we decided to join the fight, they still don’t know were we are located which is good but we decided to draw back because there was no point unless someone like you told us what to attack or do, anything else sir”

” You said something about a resistance?” Lucas said

“Oh yes, after the invasion many people who had survived the virus where being sent to some secret camps, we still don’t know where they went or go but because some people feared for their lives they decided to stand up and created the resistance, it is very secretive and we think it has gone underground, that’s why we haven’t heard from them” Caitlyn said

“Ok umhhh Jagl did you do what I asked you to do” Lucas said

“That depends” Jagl said

“The Jet, did you do all the stuff I asked you to do to it” Lucas said

“Sure did it has the newest advancements in technology integrated in it, it can go from 0 to 1250 mph in seconds, it is the fastest jet in the world, it can land vertically, and it also has weapons, it is a beauty” Jagl said in excitement

“Good, Caitlyn send the coordinates of the last know location of the resistance to the jet and Jagl get 24 robots to go with me plus a general” Lucas said

“Ummh sir this facility hasn’t been opened in quite a while, there is a slight chance that the island is roaming with wild life and those aliens too”Caitlyn said

“Then get the robots up there kill the aliens and move the wildlife”Lucas said

“Ok sir, Opening doors”Caitlyn said

“Ready for departure” the robot’s general said

“Good lets go” Lucas said sounding awesome


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