Episode 2: Hell Nah

As Luke dragged an unconscious Javier with his new employee Alejandro(Bob), Xavier made his way back towards Lucas.

“See what you have done?!?” Xavier said mad

“It wasn’t my fault, I told him to stop” Luke said

“No, no you did not!”

“Yes I did, anyway wanna check my island out, remember when I said I was working on something, yeah now that he is almost dead and sleepy I can start my project” Luke said excited

“So you are telling me, that you are going to experiment on this guy? you barely even know him and that’s illegal!” Xavier said confused

“He said “I will do anything for you” and then you got mad, remember” Luke said

“No he did not, he said he would be gladly to help!” Xavier said frustrated

“Shut up and help me” Luke said

“Fine” Xavier said

As soon as they got to the island Javier got strapped onto a bed In a Facility in the Island

“Where….am I?” said a barely conscious Javier

” Oh crap he is awake” said Luke

” Whats going on?” Javier

“Oh good he is awake get him off now” Said Xavier

“Uhhh… Ohh nooo… he is in alot of pain ouhhh… Oh my god look at him ohhhh noo…” Luke said

“Nooo Im perfectly fine look at me im happy, Now Get Me Off” said Javier Serious

“Oh but if I dont help you out you will be in a lot of pain and that would suck” Said Luke

“Wouldn’t the pain already have started” Said Xavier

” You shut up!” said Luke

“Why do I bother even asking you to do anything” said Xavier

” Whoops” Luke said pushing a button

“What was that?” said Javier

” Oh I don’t know a button that puts you to sleep and slices your heap open so that I can take your brains out and put it in my prototype machine”said Lucas excited

“Hell Nah get me off now!”

“Tell me when its all over Ima go watch some netflix” Xavier said

“And what do I do?” Alejandro said

“Wanna watch, its high resolution better than any other movie about machines and people” Luke said

” Sure” Alejandro said

After a couple of excruciating hours the whole experiment was done.

“You there little bud?” Luked said like he was speaking with a child

” Where am I?” said Javier

” Ok good I want to ask you a couple of questions ok wh-”

” Where am I!!!”

” In a robot, well… your brain is now for the questions, who is your mom?” Lucas said

” I aint got no mom” Javier said

“Oh she died, wait then who lives with you I always see an elderly woman leave the house every day calling you son”Luke said

” Thats the woman that lives in my house” Javier said

” Oh well crap I might have damaged something, whats your name”

“JAGL all capitalised”Javier said

“JAGL  what does it stand for?” Luke said

“Nothing thats my name”JAGL said

” Well wouldn’t it be one cap. and all the others are small”

“Fine” Jagl said

“Wait wasn’t it Javier Javiar Ja– you know what forget about it, anyway, describe yourself so that you can sort of personalize your new self” Luke said

” I am an 80’s rockstar, I wear white gloves, black yoga pants, hot pink boots, Emmo hair, chubby fat, white skin, dark brown hair”Jagl said

“Good too know???, Ok that’s all, you can go now?” Luke said making his way to Xavier

“So how did it go?” Xavier said

“Lets kill him” Luke said

“Noo”Xavier said

“Dude I know im a weird guy but that guy-robot surpasses my limits”Luke said

“You wanted him not me, now you are going to keep him” Xavier said

“Fine come with me” Luke said

Ahhhh!!!! you could hear in the background

“What’s that?!”Xavier said

” It sounds like Alejandro” Luke said

“Who?” Xavier said

“Come on, what that hell are you doing?” Luke said to Jagl

” I found this room and made it into a test chamber, I told alex that there was a cake in there and he got himself killed, humans am I right?” Jagl said

“I told you this was a bad idea” Xavier said

Episode 3: Do What?!? Coming This Saturday, January 23, 2016

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