Episode 3: Do What?!?

After finally coming to a decision Luke and Xavier decided that Jagl needed to be destroyed.

“You’re fired” Luke said

“I thought we agreed on killing him” Xavier said

“C’mon just look at him he is preparing cake, firing him would be the worst thing we could do to him”luke said

“Yes, look at my sad face” Jagl said trying to look sad

“Fine!” Xavier said frustrated “Just let a maniac robot roam the streets” Xavier said

“Ok good bye” Luke said to Jagl

“Ughhrrr”Xavier said

“Wait wait wait wait wait, You’re hired, I just remembered something, you remember about that thing I was talking to you about, about being frozen” Luke said

” So… you want to be frozen And you hired him back?” Xavier said

” Yes that way I can test it and at the same time wait until all the episodes of the shows that i’m watching come out, its like two birds one stone” Said Luke excited

” So if I say no you will still go anyway”Xavier said

“Absolutely” Luke

“Why do I even care, break a leg” Xavier said leaving the room”Call me when you are unfrozen”

“K, ok you Jagl I need you to help me out, follow me, you see, this machine doesnt work like I want it to soo… I need you to be the clock ok” said Luke

“Sure will, sir” Jagl said

” Ok while i’m frozen I need you to build more little robots like you but without your mind or the mind of others ok, this chip has all the things you need even the robots mind, you just need to start the machine, okay so in 2 years I need you to wake me up”Luke said handing the chip to Jagl

“Ok 2 years, build robots, not like me, anything else” Jagl said

“Nope thats all remember two years, and… keep this facility clean, also everything else that I need will be in the chip” Luke said getting into the capsule

“Sure will good rest” Jagl said activating it

“Two yea-” Lucas said while getting frozen

” Two years yeah sure…, LoL who does he think he is this is payback, I know what you did to me you aren’t getting out of there  hahahah HAHAHAHAHA!!!! HAAAAAA!!!!!” said Jagl laughing ” But sure ill build the robots”

Episode 4: Ready to watch Tv


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