Episode 6: We are the Resistance

As Lucas got ready Jagl and his personal robots(“his new family”) killed aliens who had settled on the island and raided the small town they had built. After that they cleared the space needed for the hangar doors to open for the Jet.

“Ok sir are you ready for your departure?”The general said

“I’m ready lets go”Lucas said getting is his Jet

“Activating rockets in 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1″The general said activating his rockets as well as the other robots

“Lets go”Lucas said activating his jet

His Jet began to rise and when it was at a decent altitude he blasted of from the hangar with his robots behind him. Midway through his journey an alien installation picked them up on their radar and sent a convoy after them

“Oh crap what’s that?”Lucas said

“Well those are the aliens sir”The general said

“They can fly?!  god they are ugly plus those wings and the heads gross”Lucas said

“We have incoming enemy aircraft”The general said

“I know look at them”Lucas said

“No, I mean Incoming Enemy aircraft, actual spaceships” The general said

“Oh ok I got them on my radar now activating rockets send ten of your robots after those bugs I got the aircaft”Lucas said launching four rockets after the two spaceships

A loud boom you could hear, the enemies spaceship didn’t stand a chance against his jet his robots took down the aliens with only 2 destroyed robots

“Good Job sir” The general said

“Thanks”Lucas said

“Only 10 more minutes” The general said

“Good”Lucas said

As they made their way to DC Lucas saw the destruction, there was barely anything to save.

“We’re here Sir”The general said

“Okay send your robots down there to inspect the area” Lucas said

“Sure will sir… our sensors don’t detect any sings of life or the virus you’re safe”

“Ok I’ll land in the White House front lawn, it looks like a safe place” Lucas said descending his Jet

“Okay sir, should I ask for reinforcements?” The general said

“Yes, I want the Entire DC to be under our control”Lucas said getting of his Jet

“Okay sir”The general said

“I’ll be making my way inside the White House” Lucas said

As he made his way inside the White House he remembered about the the movie White House Down and how there was a bunker in the White House, of course he searched for it.

“Hands Up!” someone out side the bunker said

“Woah woah okay okay”Lucas said

“State your intentions” The person said

“I’m looking for someone, who are you?”Lucas said nervous

“We Are The Resistance, who are you looking for”The person said


“What for?” The person said

“My people want to join the fight, I have this huge army under my control, they are on their way here right now” Lucas said

“Drop your weapons, come in” A guy said opening the bunker door

“Thank you” Lucas said

“Hostile lifeforms detected” The general said

“No stop! don’t shoot neither of you” Lucas said

“What that hell are those” The guy said

“That’s the General and his robots, part of my army” Lucas said

“What? really?”

“Yeah I built them, as I said there are many many more coming to help out”Lucas said

“They stay outside you come in, we need to talk” the guy said

“Okay General you stay here” Lucas said

“I do  not advise this sir”The General said

“You know the drill” Lucas said

“Okay sir”

“Lets go” The guy said

The guy and Lucas made their way down the bunker, pass hundreds of people.

“Who are you”Lucas said

“My name is Marcos, Leader of the Resistance” The guy said

“So… why have you guys decided to stop fighting” Lucas said

“We didn’t stop fighting, we just needed to rest, alot of people died in the fight for Washington DC and we just needed to grow in numbers our resources are running low and this is the last place were we might have a chance at starting again you know”Marcos said


“Now tell me where your people live” Marcos said

“I have a sort of military installation up in one of the Canadian Islands”Lucas said

“Canada I heard they are doing pretty well down in the Caribbean with the US, so how many people do you have?”Marcos said

“Well I have roughly 100 thousand robots”Lucas said 

“And People?” Marcos said

“Yeah…  just me, that’s why I came here, I was frozen for quite a while” Lucas said

“Okay, give me a second, i’ll be right back” Marcos said going into a room

Lucas waited for some 5 to 15 minutes for Marcos to come out of the room

Lucas overheard him talk with his colleagues about him, whether to trust him or not

“Everything okay?” Lucas said

“Yeah everything is fine, you ready?” Marcos said

“Ready for…”Lucas said

“I’m going to the island with some of my men” Marcos said

“Okay?” Lucas said not knowing what to say

“Do you want us to start fighting or not, because I can just kick you out right now” Marcos said frustrated

“Okay broh chill down, let me just tell the general to call in an airplane, I just need to know where the nearest airport is” Lucas said

“Air what? oh that just a couple of miles away at the umhhh Ronald Reagan Airport” Marcos said

“Okay lets go, bring a couple of your men, i’ll bring my robots” Lucas said

“Those things Ha! I can just push one over” Marcos said

“Laugh now but those things are way more dangerous than your men” Lucas said

“We’ll see about that”He turned around “you tell the others to come” Marcos said to another person

“Yes, sir” a guy a said

“Anyway how many floors those this place have” Lucas said

“About 10 floors, the last one is the biggest one” Marcos said

“Cool cool” Lucas said

“Sir, we are ready” One guy said

“Good lets go” Marcos said opening the bunkers door

“When will they get here?” Lucas said

“In a couple Minutes” The general said

“That fast?” Lucas said

“We set up secret bases all around the US”The General said


10 minutes later

“Okay sir, do you wish to take the entire District of Columbia?” The general said

“Yes”Lucas said

“All units on formation, kill aliens, detain humans, bring all detained humans to the White House, kill those who are infected, disinfect affected areas, Main priority Ronald Reagan Airport”The General said(In a robotic voice, stopping after every coma”

“How many are there here”Marcos said

“About 50 thousands” Lucas said

“But… that is half of your entire army” Marcos said

“Oh no those are the ones that are activated and ready to fight, in my reserve there are approximately 5 million” Lucas said

“Oh wow, then why not activate them all or half?” Marcos said

“Because if I do I will be using a lot of resources and there’s no need to”Lucas said

“Okay you guys get on those trucks that are supposed to land right about…. now!” Lucas said when truck parachuted down in front of them from the airplanes


“What did you think, I’ll be right back”Lucas said getting into his Jet”General I need you to get into the US and The EU computers, I need to speak with them”

“Huh, you get all the guys ready” marcos said to one of the guys

“Sure” the guy said running to the bunker to get as many guys as he can ready for the take over of the Alien controlled area

“What that hell is going on” A person said

“Good” Lucas said

“Who are you?” The person said

“My name is Lucas, and with my army I am taking over America, You in?” Lucas said

“Excuse me? this is the United States of the Caribbean, you are in serious trouble for hacking into our systems and no we have signed a treaty with the Aliens, we are not going at war” The Guy said

“Nor are we the EU has better stuff to do”A guy said

“Are you sure? give me second, here you go” Lucas said switching cameras to multiple of his robots taking over and killing the aliens

“Even if we want to join we need to pass this through Congress” The Women said

“So thatsss ho it is, yu a don” Said a mysterious figure

“Oh no” The Guy and Women said

“Oh my is that who I think it is?” Lucas said

“Yes is my names Lord and you people dead this is war!” Lord said

“What an original name, you in USC and EU?”

“As i said we have to pass this through Congress same goes for the EU but it will pass, We  have no other option” The Guy said

“True, we are in but I know that the US and our army are pretty weak right now, we might need new equipment” The Women said

“You can count on it, general send them what they need”

“Yes sir” the general said

“I have to go, US send your Men to DC, EU stay put, I will be arriving in Cuba in half and hour, I have to go” Lucas said turning off the camera and turning on the Jet” Lucas Said

Episode 7: World Power



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