Episode 7:WorldPowers

As Lucas made his way towards Cuba or the USC he was quickly intercepted by a mother ship.

“No no no ahhh” Lucas furious

“You are to stop that jet or we will shoot it down” A female voice said thru a microphone

“I cant It can only fly one way and that way is forward, Bye!!!!” Lucas said Accelerating his Jet

“You were warned!—- wait are you Lucas?” The female voice said

“Yes?!?”Lucas said

“Our bad, we are on high alert and we are taking precautions” The women said

“Okay i’ll just make my way to the USC”Lucas said

“You are In the USC sir” The women said

“Where, ohhh my” Lucas said as a whole opened in the sky

“What that heck is going on?!?!” Lucas said getting nervous

“This is sort of like our invisibility wall, we built it a couple of years ago to protect our selves from the sick people and the aliens” Said the women

“Okay okay I see i’ll just go to… where?”Lucas said confused as to where he was supposed to go

“Just fly in you’ll see the biggest and most secured building in the whole world, go in sir”The women said

“Okay okay”Lucas said

About 10 minutes of flying he found the building

“This is the USC military state your purpose”A guy said

“This is Lucas, I was sent here”Lucas said

“Okay Lucas you’re clear for landing”The Guy said(Imagine a Jet landing):-)

“Hello sir right this way” A guy followed by three more guys said

“Oh okay, where am I exactly?” Lucas said

“Well this is the Capital of the USC, well it sort of is, now that the Aliens declared war this has become one of the strongest bases in the whole world” The guy said

“Oh okay where are we going exactly?” Lucas said

“We are taking you to the President”The guy said

“Oh well then” Lucas said

“He’s are here” the guy said opening the door

“Hello Mr.Lucas, we need to discuss serious matters”The President said

“Okay” Lucas said

“Due to resent events we have had to increase military activity in the Capitol usually its better looking, now about the War with the aliens, because of you the aliens have desided to declare war on us, we are not well equipped, if you are going to help us out you need to send equipment” The president said

“Well I have a couple thousand robots ready to fight at any moment, and million’s more in back up, I also have vehicles and all that sort of stuff that you need just give the word”Lucas said

“Mr. President, the EU is under serious attacks we need your help” A guy said bursting thru the door

“Get the soldiers ready”The President said

“I can my my robots there in 3 hours, I can get there in about 5, also going back to the robots, we got in contact with the Resistance and we have managed to take Washington DC, I need you to send your men there” Lucas said

“I’ll see what I can do” The President said

“General”Lucas said to his radio”I need you to send robots to Australia and New Zealand, activate the rest of the robots we are taking over North America”Lucas said

“I have to go to Australia and speak with the Queen? right?” Lucas said

“Yeah you’re right, talk to you soon” The President said

“Okay then bye” Lucas said walking out the door and getting into his Jet.

4 hours later he made it to Australia

“Ohhh”Lucas said terrified looking at the devastation

phsssss, a red glowing ball shot into the sky by an unknown person

“Okay, computer deploy two of the robots” Lucas said to his computer(Not Caitlyn)

“Ready to deploy in 3, 2, 1, Robots deployed, You give the order sir”A robotic male voice said

“Have them clear a place for my Jet to land and also to eliminate any aliens nearby, do not attack humans” Lucas said

“Okay sir, would you like for me to call in reinforcements, It appears that the robots will be a bit late” The robotic voice said

“Ok, whats your name again” Lucas said

“I dont officially have a name sir, but Mike sounds good”

“Ok, here we go” Lucas said stopping his Jet in mid air and landing vertically”Okay we are down, I need you to autopilot the Jet and cover my back” Lucas said to Mike

“Okay sir do you want the robots to follow you too” Mike said

“No just you, I want them to clear as much of this rubble so that the vehicles and robots land,Where are we?”Lucas said

“We are in Sydney, Australia sir”Mike said

“This is Sydney? Ohh wow I… I… theres nothing left, this whole place is a junk, well… theres no need to be talking about this, start the engine and also open the safe I want my gun” Lucas said to Mike

“Here you go sir, now that we im leaving the ground the flare came from the east about 43 minutes from here” Mike Said

“Okay now lets go, use the camouflage mode, and also fly low we dont want any attention” Lucas said to Mike

22 minutes into the walking

“Hands Up!”Lucas exclaimed to a guy

“Okay okay okay dont shot dont shoot pleaaaaseeessss” The guy started to cry

“Oh c’mon shut up let me talk” Lucas said

“Okay” the guy said cleaning his nose with his shirt

“What happened here?” Lucas said

“I-I-I-I dont know, I heard the news that the aliens had declared war on us and then all of a sudden theres this massive earthquake, I run to get under a table and boom…, it all stopped…,(NOW HE IS SPEAKING CALM) I though it was done you know, but no, I make my way outside to see if everything is fine and I saw it, this 2 humongous ships come from the sky and I thought they were just going to invade but somehow the Australian airforce manage to get a nuke on top of that ship… it was the brightest and loudest thing I’ve ever heard, it took them both out, I was cheering like we had just won something, and then it happened when those ships crashed into the ground aliens started purring out from the cracks like they saw the devil, and the devil… we saw it too, I ran to my houses safe room but before I closed the doors I saw that ship melt right before my eyes… I closed the door and…… boom, the end, I dont deserved this non of us do”The guy said starting to cry”I dont deserve this!!!” The guy said

“Shhh shut up you are going to bring attention to us, What did you see, whats that devil that you saw, also theres no need to cry I am here to help Im just trying to make my way to the last known location of the Australian Government and the EU” Lucas said

“Those bastards, they split this Country of ours into little chunks for different governments, do you know how hard it has been for us, I lost my family in that explosion” The guy said

“Im sorry, wait do you hear that”Lucas said mshhh

“Oh crap, those ship’s, right there” he said pointing at a ship”they look for people and take them heck knows where, we need to get out of here now” The guy said

“Listen I have a whole army on their way I just need to get to the Australian Govern-“Lucas said as a Light appeared in the sky

“Get on the ground Mr.Lucas” A male Alien voice said

“Mike now!” Lucas yelled

“Yes sir” Mike said blasting the Alien ship with rockets

Boom! the ship exploded but the Male alien manages to jump before it explodes

“Do you really think you can Kill Me! You are coming with-” The Alien said before being hit by a Military truck

“Oiii lad I hope I didnt interrupt anything, Im a clumsy driver yah know” An Australian Guy said

“Oh no you didn’t dont worry, it was either you running him over or my friend up there putting a couple bullets in his head, im Lucas, Im an ally of your country… it seems I was late”Lucas said kicking over a piece of steel

“Who’s this guy?”The Australian guy said

“I dont know I just met him” Lucas said

“What that heck just happened!, and how the heck does he knows you name?!?!?” The guy said screaming

“As.. I just said Im a ally with the EU and the USC, I have sort of like my own country”Lucas said

“And who’s your other friend”The Australian guy said

“Mike deactivate the camouflage shield” Lucas said

“As you wish sir, My name is Mike and Im an AI, I sure hope you decide to go were we were going sir” Mike said

“We are you going” the Australian Guy said

“Sir please dont” Mike said

“Oh calm down Mike, we are going to were the last know location of the Australian Government” Lucas said

“Oh and were is that” The Australian guy said

“I thought you’d know, you know since you have that truck” Lucas said confused

“Oh yeah I knew it’s just that since the whole place got destroyed I cant make my way around town you know” The Australian Guy said frustated

“Listen I know that you feel sad and frustrated, and honestly I dont care I am just going to go my way, sooo…. bye” Lucas said

“You aint going no where”The Australian Guy said holding a gun to Lucas head”I’ve been out here for months, going around this dump so tell your friend to get of that Jet because im leaving, Now!” The Australian guy said really mad

“What do you mean months, we receive a distress signal just a couple of hours ago” Lucas said getting really really nervous

“Shut up! tell him to get of NOW!!!!” The Australian guy said

“This is either a trap or whats left of them”Lucas said”Listen I have a camp east from here about 20 minutes, you see that light, just follow it, I have to go” Lucas said

“What that hell N-” The Australian guy said before, Pow! the guy fell down dead

“Ahhh!, who’s out there, Mike call in the robots”Lucas said

“Hands Up!”A guy said

“Ok ok ok dont shoot!, im here on behalf of the of the USC and my Army”Lucas said

“Lucas?”The guy said

“Yes?!?” Lucas said nervously

“Weapons down!”The guy said “We are the Australian Amy, we’ve been looking all over for you guys”The soldier said

“Oh umh ok umhhh… can we get out of here please”Lucas said

“Oh sure sure just follow me” the soldier said starting to walk

“So how have stuff been, you know, since the explosion” Lucas said

“Oh well we’ve manage” The soldier said

“Wait so the explosion was months ago, how is it that we got the message just hours ago?” Lucas said

“Oh you did get the message, a couple hours ago we manage to take control of one of the radio station, we manage to send one of the prerecorded messages before it got blown up” The soldier said stopping in front of a cabin”Here we are” the soldier said

“So… this is where you guys are hiding?” Lucas said

“Yeah, just go in you’ll see for yourself”The soldier said

“Ok?” Lucas said walking opening the door and going inside”Oh” Lucas said

“Are you Lucas?” An old lady said

“Yes”Lucas said

“Okay head in” She said opening a huge door under

“Okay”Lucas said going in

He was shortly greeted by two other guys

“Sir come with us, The EU needs to talk to you”One of the guys said

“How long have you guys been down here” Lucas said

“Ever since the Aliens showed up” One of the guys said

“Oh okay, this a huge bunker” Lucas said stepping into an Elevator

“Yes it is, sir”

After a couple of minutes walking he made it into a room where leaders were sitting around a table

“Good to have you here sir, sit down we need to discuss some matters” A lady said

“I talked to you a couple of days ago, why didn’t you tell me you were in need of urgent military support” Lucas said

“Because we didn’t need it, until now, you see, we manage to save almost 95% of our people before the explosion, about 2 weeks ago we had about 10 million soldiers we were doing pretty good on our own, now we just have over 145 thousand, we need support otherwise theres going to be nothing left of us” the lady said

“Oh, umhhh, by now I must have over 100 thousand robots on their way here and more getting ready, and just a couple of miles from here my robots are cleaning the area, if you want me to do a full on invasion tell me, i’ve got one right now in north America, I think I can manage another one, just give the order”Lucas said

“Okay, wait outside we need to discuss this” the lady said

“Okay” Lucas said leaving the room

After a couple of minutes the Lady came out and gave the order

“You have the EU’s permission for a full on Invasion of Australia and New Zealand, we need to do this now”the lady said

“Okay I will need all the men you have get ready, ive got military trucks and what not east from here, I need to go and give the order” Lucas said while walking towards the elevator

After getting outside he got in the Jet and told Mike to send the order

“Okay sir the order has been sent, anything else you need” Mike said

“Take us home”Lucas said

Episode 8: Coming Home


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