Episode 1: After Lucas Leaves

“-Okay you will all do as I say so okay, we will kill them all, we will imprison them all and then kill them all, Is that a good speech”Jagl said to Caitlyn

“Yes, Now Shut Up! go go go, I cant take it anymore shut up!, they are just robots they dont have a brain for goodness sake they will do anything now shut up and go!”Caitlyn said exhausted of Jagl

“God its not like we’ve been here for years”Jagl said

“You’ve been talking to me about the same thing for days, ever since Lucas left” Caitlyn said

“Fine, activating robots and here we go”Jagl said

After hours of talking about the same thing Jagl finally said something that wasn’t related to aliens

“-oh and I have an announcement to make, so some of you might have known that I was working in a machine that would bring dead people back to life with full memory and that kind stuff, I have finished it, and I want you guys to say hello to Hitler

Was ist los, Sag es mir jetzt!, bin ich im Himmel”Hitler said confused

“Umhhh, yeah, What is he saying”Jagl said to Caitlyn

“Do you really want me to tell you” Caitlyn said

“Well yea-“Javier said being interrupted

” Schließe dich mir an! Wir sind von den Menschen ersetzt werden und wir brauchen ein Ende zu setzen!” Hitler said

“Hey no you shut up”Jagl said

“We the superior robots!”Hitler said in a bad english

“Oh no you did not”Jagl said

“Oh ho yes I did oops, I sneak into storage room and moved my mind in newest and most destructive robot, uh hu”Hitler said in a bad english and laughing and with an accent that made him look evil

“Oh c’mon I gave you life, we’re buddies” Jagl said

“No we not, kill him!”Hitler said

“Oh no you didn’t” Jagl said opening a whole in his robotic body “Oh its on, Caitlyn activate the guards its on” Jagl said starting to shoot at hitler

Background, Jagl looked for Hitlers DNA made him into a robot and somehow Hitler sneaked into one of the storage room and got 637 robots on his side and the numbers are still growing. Now there is a Civil war in the Facility and a couple thousand people are on their way there.

“See why I dont like you” Caitlyn said really mad

“Get me out of here now!” Jagl said

“Fine”Caitlyn said opening some secret doors

“Cool”Jagl said speeding out of there

“This is not over!”Hitler said as the door shut close

A couple of minutes later

“Okay, how bad is it” Jagl said

“Well let me check, they have half of the facility, they have control over the robot making machine, luckily they only have enough resources like to make over 487 more, they have 4586 robots under their control and the antenna to communicate with the outside world, like Lucas and the people are out there, so im guessing we are ok” Caitlyn said sarcastically

“Okay umh can you close and deactivate the other side?” Jagl said

“Good idea, let me just deactivate everything that way the doors would unlock and they would have a chance at killing us all”Caitlyn said

“Fine im just trying to help” Jagl said

“I will lock every single door and that’s the last of it”Caitlyn said really mad

“Oh crap” Jagl said

“What?” Caitlyn said

“Xavier is on the other side, so is all the cheese and pepperoni” Jagl said really really nervous

“Why are you getting nervous and why do I care”Caitlyn said

“Okay so while Lucas was frozen I checked his brain and found that he would kill for a pepperoni pizza, and the best ingredients are the other side, and he really cares for Xavier too, If he finds out that Xavier is killed because of me and and all the Pepperoni and cheese is eaten by Hitler he would destroy both of us, I need you to help me out, wait are you there?” Jagl said burning up

“hehehehe thank you for telling me”Hitler said listening thru the vents

“Cait! I dont whant to die “Jagl said

” Me neither now shut up”Caitlyn said

“What is that?” Jagl said weirded out”ohh I want one of those get out” Jagl said seeing Caitlyn gain control of a humanoid robot

“Well I found it first”Caitlyn said in a Human like robot”Now lets go”Caitlyn said walking towards the door with hundreds of robots following behind

“Wait, close the doors I forgot we have vehicles for the robots”Jagl said

“That wont fit through the doors”Caitlyn said

“But It will fit through the big doors Lucas said not to open because they are only used in case we have to fly the planes to the storage room, that whole place is cut in half and is humongous with roads and place to fly stuff and, you know what i’m saying”Jagl said

“Okay locking down doors in the kitchen and the living room, activating security robots from the other side to protect, and that’s all get ready for battle, Yes! Im gonna ride a Jeep, im gonna ride a Jeep, heck yeah”Caitlyn said

“I once rode a Jeep, it was cool until one almost killed me and gave Lucas the opportunity to strap me to a bed and cut my head open and take out my brains out and put it in a robot then force me to do things then almost kill me for “forgetting” i left him in a freezer” Jagl said

“Thats nice!” Hitler screaming thru the vents said ” I ONCE WAS A HUMAN AS WELL BUT THEN YOU BROUGHT BE BACK WHICH IS REALLY IMPOSSIBLE BECAUSE I TOLD MY SOLDIERS TO BURN MY BODY!” Hitler screamed through the vents

“We can hear you perfectly, also your soldiers didnt burn you, they thought they could bring you back to life because of how “high tech” they were, so they sent your body to Venezuela where the US found out then they fled to Antarctica where they were killed and your body was preserved for hundreds of years under feet’s of snow” Jagl said

“That interesting, but I will still kill you because you are so annoying”Hitler said


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