Episode 2:Really Short

“Oh god what happened?”Caitlyn said waking up”What that hee- what that heck happened here”Caitlyn said

“Ahhhhhhhh!!!”Jagl screamed

“Whats going on!”Caitlyn said unable to move

“Help!”Jagl screamed

“Why am I feeling pain?!?” Caitlyn

“This is not possible!”JAGL said storming to the room

“Jagl?!?, How in the world did you, wait a minute! I have a body!”Caitlyn said amazed

“How is this possible?!? I mean I died about a hundred years ago, you are not even human”Jagl  said

Caitlyn-“I dont know but I feel something shaddy is going on”

Hitler-“Oh your right abut that” German Accent

Jagl-“Thanks bud”

Caitlyn-“No, thanks nothing, whats going on, let us go”

Hitler-“No not until you tell me why im here and let me go far away from that creep”

Jagl-“What do you mean i’ve got your back were friends”

Hitler-“Please let me go”Hitler Said Starting to cry”Otherwise I will kill you both”




Jagl-“Fine!, 123 system override disengage locks”

Hitler-“Thats it im free?Woohoo”Hitler said flying away

Caitlyn-“I guess thats it for us”


Caitlyn-“Lets go”

General-“We’ve got an emergency”

Caitlyn-“What is it ”

General-“Who the hell are you people, hands up”

Caitlyn-“Oh right he doesnt know we are people, switching bodies”

Jagl-“No please”

General-“Opening fire”

Jagl-“Change change change”

pow pow pow pow pow pow pow pow pow pow pow pow pow pow pow pow

General”Enemy exterminated”

Jagl”So much for new bodies, well not many people can say, They see me rolling, They hatin-”

Caitlyn”Shut Up, but Yeah”


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