Episode 8:Coming Home

“Its been 2 days and still no one has found us”Luke said calmly

“We’ll sir I think we should keep on moving”Mike said

“Moving?  we are lost, my food supply is running low and and you are broken”Luke said

“We sir as I said im not broken” Mike said

“We need to use the flare” Luke said

“Sir that’s a terrible idea, we are in the middle of a crater and with 2 broken robots and with 2 guns, we cant fight those aliens we are going to die if we do”Mike said

“We are going to die here anyway!, you need to trust me” Luke said

“As you wish sir, do it, but there’s no saying as to what will happen”Mike said

“Okay get ready”Lucas said Pulling out a flare gun and shooting it at the sky

“You think they’ll find us before those alien’s”Mike said

“Better hope for it”Lucas said sitting down “Better hope for it, cause if not Its going to be a long day a long long day”


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