Episode 10: La Fortaleza

“Im sorry my ol’ pal” Lukas said as he clicked the reset button

“System resetting 104 hours, 48 minutes and 36 seconds remaining, would you like to see memory” computer said

Then all the things Mike had done over the years started popping up on a screen

“I cant do this to him, but he is really annoying though, but he helped me too, I cant do it I cant do it, Stop the reset stop it!” Lucas said screaming at the robot

“Im sorry but that cannot be done” the robot said

“Oh i’ll show ya” Lukas said trying to open Mike

“Sir you cannot do that, either you step back or I will attack you” the robot said

“I am your leader, I DARE YOU TO TOUCH ME! YOU PIECE OF METAL!” Lukas said getting infuriated

” You know robots do have feelings” Mike said

“…..” Lukas

“What?” mike said

“I thought robots weren’t supposed be talking while they are resetting and it shouldn’t take that long to delete everything” Lukas said

“Oh umhhh beep boop 200 hours left” Mike said

“…” Lukas

“Oh no… system check is showing that i have broken my leg, i have to leave, bye bye” mike said

“…” Lukas

“…” mike

“….” Lukas

“….,what?” Mike


“Are you gonna say something?” Mike

“Beep boop bap” Lukas


“Beep bup bad”Lukas

“please stop” Mike

“Bup bap bep bap bup clack!” Lukas

“Stop” mike

“Why should I? You pretended to be deleting your whole memory”Lukas

“I didnt wanna die”Mike

“Yeah so? I gave you an order why didnt you follow it”Lukas

“Because you told me to kill myself, you actually thought i would do that”Mike

“Yea… , no….”Lukas


“Yeah your right on that one, turn around” Lukas

“why?” Mike

“Umhhh…, forget about it”Lukas


“…..” Lukas

“Fine, lets go”Mike


“lets go back to camp” mike

“Did the fall affect your brain?” Lukas

“Can you stop with the insults”Mike

“Have i broken your little feelings umhh?” Lukas said in a childish voice

“Have you seen starwars”Mike said

“Yeah why?” Lukas said

“You know R2D2″Mike said

“yeahh?” Lukas


“dsssssssss………………ahhh……… uhhh…… ouhhhhhh…..ohhhhhhhhhhh….I think I need…. to rest”Lukas said

“Well that was shocking”Hitler said

“Who are you?!”Mike said

“Adolf Hitler”Hitler said

“No…. you are a robot that’s who you are” Lukas said resting in the floor

“Are you here to help us”Mike said

“Here to rescue us?, I can take care of myself thank you” Lukas said trying to stand up

“plz stop it” Mike said

“Can you guys just shut up, i dont know who you guys are but i do know that your face was all over your “fortress” Hitler said

“What do you mean “Fortress”? I worked on that thing for over 150 something years its much more than a Fortress its La Fortaleza!”Lukas said pretending to make a rainbow with his hands” But I guess, that means Fortress so…”

“Its not my style”Hitler said

“I… am…Your… Father, literally, and I dont like you either” Lukas said

“Do you want me to tase you again” Mike said

“Ah no stand back or i will slap you”Lukas said

“Stupid star wars references”Mike said

“Whats star wars?”Hitler said

“No way!?, only the best movie ever, you are just like Jagl” Lukas said

“…..” Hitler stared violently at Lukas

“What?”Lukas said

“You know him!!?!!?!?!” Hitler said mad

“I created him, pretty big mistake if you ask me” Lukas said

“YES big mistake, ich werde dich töten!!!” Hitler said screaming

“Uh i think he said he will kill us”Mike said

“Oh cool you speak german”Lukas said

“WATCH OUT” Mike said pushing Lukas to the side

“YAhhhhh!!”Hitler said running after them

“Lets get out of here” Lukas said

“Hail the fuhrer!” Hitler said

“No!” Lukas said screaming

“Oh you should think twice” a misterious guy said

“Now who are You!?” Hitler said

“Shut up” the Lukas said

“no i-“Hitler

“shh”Lukas said

“I wo-” Hitler said

“Shhhh”Lukas said

“No stop that”Hitler said

“Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…” Lukas said running out of air

“He said to SHUT UP!, pff gosh you guys are like kids, hello guys, so we meet again” a guy said

” What, who are you, everything out here is dead” Lukas said

–Deep mad voice–” Or so you thought, you didn’t actually think you’d get rid of me” the guy said

” I don’t know who you are?!?” Lukas said

” You really don’t remember ME!!?! I am the guy who was supposed to be rich, I am the person who was supposed to be admired and remember, I am the person who was to be beloved by father,-low sad voice- I am your brother Lukas” Michael said

Lukas was in Shock

“You you you you you are supposed to be dead!” Lukas still in shock

” Well I’m not” Michael said

Lukas ran towards Michael and gave him a hug still in shock he backed up after a few seconds pushing Michael

” what what, NO! Explain it to me NOW!” Lukas said

” I can’t we need to go” Michael said

” what no!” Lukas said

” I’ll explain everything but them aliens are everywhere” Michael

“What do you mean? Aren’t they supposed to be dead” mike said

“What do you mean dead? Remember the giant spaceship?” Luke said

“Childish pff ill show you rerrererdrff whooooooooooooooohdehjfbvbfhjnwsdvayubhjkqhbgkevydudwkhbjsnlm,.bfvg hsdnm,z xgws”Hitler


Hitler exploded

“OH MY GOD”Lukas said

“They’re here RUN!” Michael said In Pure Fear


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