Episode 9:Your Choice

Previously: After Episode 7

Before Episode 8( I know Weird but its cool)

As Lukas made his way home he was attacked by a fleet of alien ships, he was flying over the crater created by the ship that was brought down by the Australians with a nuke


Lukas looked in disbelief, the ground, where part of a city once stood, now just a crater, but it was unlike any other crater, this once had just recently happened yet all the ruins, gone..

“Sir!” Mike Yelled

18 Attack ships heading towards him

“NO No No No, deploy the robots on the Jet” Lukas said trying ton get away

“Okay sir, deploying 2 robots in 3, 2, 1” Mike said

The robots fell from the Jet transforming into mini-jets, then blasted off towards the alien ships, Lukas tried speeding his Jet when it was blasted as well as the other ships with light but it wasnt light, it just blinded Luke taking the ship of the sky, Mike saved Luke by opening a parachute, Luke launched of the Jet sending his Jet crashing towards the ground.

A couple hours later he wakes up, Mike was scavenging with the body of another robot repairing his own which was in the Jet. unsuccessful Mike and Luke walked and that’s when Episode 8 happens and now its on to Episode 9


After Episode 8

“Well we’ve been walking for 7 days and still nothing”Luke said

“If by walking you mean carrying you on top of me you’re right”Mike said

“Omg how dare you speak like that to me”Luke said

“Lucas I got to be straight with you…you have an attitude and you act childish”Mike said

“First of all its Luke not Lucas, trying to make me feel dumb, and also how do you not want me to have an attitude when those dumb robots don’t do nothing but breakdown and offer water, they are useless, you just give complaints why wont you just shut up! and do your job!”Luke said

“Because Im doing my dumb job you you yu yu yu yu yu-“Mike kept repeating

“Ah great he broke down you know what-“Luke said being interrupted

“Turn around!”Mike said

“Oh am I going to see a giant spaceship fall out of the sky”Luke said turning around and just as he did a spaceship was heading his way”Ahhhhhhhhhhh!”Luke said running

“Run!” Mike said

“What the hell do you think i’m doing-” Luke screamed before he fell”Ahhhhhhhhhhh—“Lukes voice got softer

Splash! Luke landed on water in a cave

“Omg! I just stood there, I froze!”Luke said getting up

“Yeah, Now lets get out of here Now!”Mike said

“Dont you get it”Luke said”We’ve got a space ship!”Luke said excitedly

“Oh yeah we have a spaceship isnt that awesome, but wait WE ARE IN A CAVE! WE FELL GOD KNOWS HOW MANY FEET AND YOU CARE ABOUT THAT DAMN SHIP!” Mike said

“Oh wait Mike come here”Luke said

“What for?” Mike said

“Just come here I need to get some water”Luke said


“Would you just shut up and listen to me”Luke said

“Fine”Mike said heading over to luke

“Im just looking for it and…. Got it”Luke said

“Fine Now leu……., System reset, do you wish to follow with manual reset YES or NO” Mike said


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