Project 4: Episode 11

“They’re here RUN!” Michael screamed

“Who are they!?” Luke screamed running behind him

“No Time To Explain! Lets Go!” They both ran as wells Mike ” Michael screamed

“You really thought you could get rid of me? You both are dead wrong”    Hitler screamed from another robot far far away

They both ran towards the Jet which was being fixed by the robots

“It better be ready or we’re screwed”

Alien ships came by the thousands, The aliens surrounded the whole crater, they jumped into the giant crater, it was like a wave of aliens heading their way

Lukas tried turning on the Jet but it still wouldnt Function, the robots were doing everything they could do

“We Need To Get Out Of here NOW!” Michael screamed

“Watchu think im tryna do?” Lukas yelled

“Guys!” Mike Yelled

“What!?” Both screamed

“They’re here”

Both looked around to see the aliens were screaming at them to get of the Jet, they were surrounded

“Why couldn’t I hear them”Michael said

“Oh its this cool thing the Jet has, It prevents noise from entering”Lukas said

“Nice” Michael said

“GUYS!” Mike yelled

“Luke deactivated the noise cancelling


“We dont have an option”Mike said

“Okay, open the h—“Luke tried to speak when the ground started shaking

“WHATS THAT!” Michael Said

“I dont know!” Mike said

The Ground tore apart, the Crater being miles wide teared apart as if the world was splitting, The Aliens ran and flied away as fast as possible but they where trapped, The ground melted and something very very very Big, Powerful and scary was coming out as one could see with the light emerging from the ground

“Lukas Get us out of here!” Michael screamed

As the Jet lifted off many aliens begged to be brought inside the Jet but of course they weren’t

“That must be why that Australian guy said they were getting of the mother ship like they had seen the devil” Luke said

“True”Mike said

“Who?” Michael said

“This one guy we saw when we got to Australia”Luke said

“Sir we might have to cancel that invasion of yours, we have no idea what that is and seeing as those aliens who are far far stronger than us fear that thing enough to plead for mercy I think we might get into something we do not wish to be in”Mike said

“No we are going ahead with the invasion”Luke said

“Sir I think you might be grossly overestimating your army, lets just investigate this”Mike said

“As I said we are going ahead with the invasioooon whats going on” Luke said as something tried to hack into his transmission feed

“Who am is speaking to?” Someone said

“Luke, who am I speaking with?” Lukas said

“You’re speaking with the Minister of Defense of the Planetary Alliance” The person said

‘With the what?” Luke said

“We are the things that invaded your planet” The Person said

“It cant be, you’re a person?” Luke said

“Yes Im a person, theres alot of explanation to do but theres no time for that, you’re government brought down one of our ships”The Guy said

“Yeah so? you killed people, you threatened their lifes”Luke said

“Thats not the thing im talking about, your people created one of the deadliest weapons and used it on our ship, You People released it”

“Released what?” Luke said


“It?” lukas said

“You’ve killed us all” The guy said starting to cry

“Im lost”

“We spent nearly 6 millennials fighting them 5-6 thousand years, Do you know how many lives were lost? The numbers were so high we couldn’t even keep track because it used up a lot of space, that thing is the last survivor, and because you guys dossed it with radiation its gonna have babies and when those babies are born we are all doomed”

“Then do something about it, why bring it to earth if you guys were fighting here”Luke said

“Because it was the closest and safest planet we could find, we are fighting wars else where with factions(rebels) trying to get their hands on that thing thinking they could manipulate it but their dead wrong, i’m asking for forgiveness on behalf of the whole federation” The guy said

“Forgiveness? Are you joking? You killed 8 billion people, the population of earth Before I was frozen, whats left is people who grew up without parents and whats left of the governments” Luke said

“No no, that wasn’t us, it was your people who did that” The guy said

“What about the fighting?”Luke

“Your people refused to help us because they thought that we had created the virus and we had no other option we needed to bring this thing here, we had to do what we had to to save our species and that of the rest of the universe” The guy said

“Our Species?” Luke said

“You are our descendants, we used to live on Mars but we had to leave due to the planet losing its Magnetic Field, we left the planet, of course Earth wasnt able to maintain life at the time so we couldnt live here, and many people stayed behind and you were created by an asteroid sending a chunks of rock from Mars with bacteria and all that all the way to Earth” The Leader said

“The Panspermia Theory”Luke said

“Exactly, we didn’t mean any harm but we had to do what we had to, We are begging for mercy, we will need cooperation to take this thing down, we cant fight two wars at the same time especially with something this strong, We need you to help us fight this thing” The Leader Said

“What exactly is this thing?” Luke said

“Its like Godzilla okay with Superman powers, plus it has the reproduction rate of a bunny times 100, the thing is that for it to reproduce it needs radiation which you guys gave to it but it wasn’t enough so my best guess its that its heading somewhere to get more”

“My best guess as to where that is is in Nevada, they have all that Shenanigans and they kept it there last time I checked” Luke said

“Get the guns Ready to flattened The State of Nevada” The Leader said off screen to someone

“Wait what no, I’m on my way there I’ll check myself there could be people there” Luke said

“I’m sorry Luke but that thing will take more people than if I did this” The Leader said

“I’ll check myself, i’ll tell you when i’m there” Luke said

“We want you up here not there, i’ll get a ship to you” The Leader said

“That’s not necessary my Jet can fly up to space”Luke said

“I’ll be waiting for yeeerrr——“The Transmission ended

“What happened?”Luke said

“Its at their end, something happened to their transmission” Mike said

“Get in touch with Jagl” Luke said

“Okay, Jagl this Luke Can you hear me?” Mike said

—-At The Island—

“Oh no, Luke is calling” Jagl said

“He’s gonna find out” Caitlyn said

“I dont wanna answer” Jagl said

“Well you have to now!”Caitlyn said

“Uhhhrrrr, Hi Luke” Jagl said

“Could you do me a favor? Get me direct connection with the alien ship in space” Luke said

“Why would you wanna do that?” Jagl said

“I was just talking to them and the connection dropped”Lukas said

“Well thats impossible, we have the whole planet wired with our antennas and cables, it is impossible for a connection to dropped even in space we have small powerful satellites” Jagl said confused

“Well it did could you look into that?” Lukas said

“I just did and all seems fine and well”Jagl said

“Well could you get me an image of how its looking up there”Luke said

“I mean I could but you’re right under it, remember your jet is equipped to handle going into space, you could just go there” Jagl

“Ok, we’ll keep in contact, out” Lukas said going to space

“We’re really going to space?” Michael said

“It appears so” Mike said

Mike stab Michael with a needle

“Ahhh! What was that for?!?!?” Michael screamed

“Simple precautions” Mike said taking blood out of Michael

“Get that thing out of my arm!” Michael said taking it out of his arm

“What was that for Mike!” Lucas said

“If he’s your brother then there’s nothing to be afraid of” Mike said

“Afraid of !!? Are you getting this Lucas, he’s trying to turn you against me” Michael said

“That is not what i’m trying to do” Mike said taking hair samples and analyzing the blood he got from Michael and seeing if DNA matches that of Lukes

“Let me just finish this”Mike said

“You aren’t finishing anything!” Lucas said

“Can you not see what hes doing Lukas, hes turning you against me” Mike said

“No Lukas im your brother, i would never do such a thing to you” Michael said

“Lukas you’ve known me longer than him, I need you to trust me” Mike said

“No no no, get off the Jet Mike” Lukas said

“What?!!” Mike said

“GET OFF THE JET NOW!” Lukas said to Mike

“We’re very high up, i’ve be fallin to my destruction”Mike said

“You haven a built in jetpack or whatever its called”Lukas said

“But that inst enough to stop me from hitting the ground” Mike said

“You’ll figure it out” Lukas said


“No wait i got the re–s-uuulltss-” Mike said falling off the Jet


Mike is falling really fast towards the ground

“Ok I need to figure something out otherwise ill crash on Earth, Oh no, the Results, they’re not brothers, they’re not related, This is Mike Do you receive me, do you receive me” Mike said trying to get in contact with Jagl

“I got you, Whats going on, Lukes Jet appears to have gone offline” Jagl said

“Some person tricked him into throwing me of a Jet! and now im free falling, he said he was his brother I told him to wait till I got the results, he didnt listen so now I need a Jet with 48 robots or I’ll fall to my death, could you help me that?” Mike said

“Oh boii sure can, I got then about 2 minutes from you” Jagl said

“Really that close?” Mike said

“No the nearest one is like 15 minutes from there so you’ll need to glide your way through the air to see if you can make some time before you crash” Jagl said

“Well thats nice, I’ll do my best too stay alive, Jagl Activated Protocol Unspeakable”Mike said

“Protocol Unspeakable?” Jagl

“Yes Jagl” Mike said

“Passcode”Jagl said

” Bravo Alpha  Charlie 4 5 3 underscore dash pound 144516″ Mike said

“What does this d—System Reset System Reset, System Malfunction— System repair System block, At your orders sir” Said the robot

“I have taken control of the entire planet Jagl, thats what it does, control of the entire planet, My mission, to protect Lukas at all cost and aint no one getting in my way” Mike said

Fshhhhhhhuuu The Jet  approached Mike

Mike Fell on the Jet that was travelling at 8,000 mph, Mike now was flying the Jet

“J10(Jagl) get the T86(Massive Robot like transformer type of robot) ready for combat, I also need for the T1(the robots) to be ready for combat” Mike said

“Yes sir” J10 said


“Can you believe that he tried to get rid of me your brother”Michael said

“Yeah—, you know I think we should go back, he might actually crash and die” Luke said

“And prove him right?, make yourself look like you were in the wrong?nah you’d be letting him win”Michael said

“We should just go back”Luke said turning the Jet

“Dont even try”Michael said pointing a gun at Lukes head

“What are you doing?” Luke said

“What do you think im doing? Im trying to get into that Spaceship, remember when that idiot talked about the Factions he was fighting with? yeah im part of one of those” Michael said

“But you’re my brother?” Luke said

“You’re brother? Ha! I killed him long ago when we released the virus”Michael said

“You MONSTER!” Luke said in shock

“Ehe! Keep your eyes on the sky”Michael said pointing the gun at Lukes head

“You’ll regret messing with me” Luke said

“Just shut up and keep flying this thing”Michael said taking out a device out of his pocket “This is Michael do you copy?”Michael said at the device

“Hear you loud and clear whats the situation?” The person from the radio said

“I had to come out he knows who I am” Michael said

“Damn, just proceed with the plan if he acts up kill him” The Guy said

“Yes sir” Michael said

” What are you gonna get out of this, the thing is no longer on the ship?” Luke said

“We are winning, every single significant and powerful figure is in THAT ship, I kill them the empire collapses, I don’t then they vote on whipping out entire planets with Giant Rings that shoot this giants laser things to planets”Michael said

“Okay why dont that elsewhere? if they have a giant ring why dont vote there?”

“Because Earth is the Final Piece of the puzzle”Michael said

“What do you mean?” Luke said

“Dont you see it, they lied to you! while they were leaving Mars Earth was a very inhospitable place but they still built something here, a plan, something to come back to just in case our species was threatened with extinction, that plan was SO SO dangerous that the people who built it were never heard from again everyone who built this thing perished, no one knew about it until the Federation found Earth, this-this-this-this-this Planet its-its-its I cant explain it, all you need to know is that the people on that planet will kill billions just to stay in power, and its not just we dont know, THEY dont know what this thing is, from what we could know it could the universes most powerful weapon” Michael said

“And where exactly is this thing?” Lukas asked

“Why would you want to know?” Michael said

“This could be a made up story from all I know” Luke said

“Thrust me its not” Michael said

“Im sorry you dont have any sort of evidence to show me this thing you talked about is real, you have kidnapped me and that guy said to kill me if I act up? why would i thrust you?!” Luke said

“Oh no” Michael said looking at the Galactic Empires ship

The ship had been destroyed

“What happened?” Luke said

“They’re here” Michael said

“Who’s here”Luke said

“Hi Michael-” someone with a deep mad voice said from the radio


To be continued…






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